Business Law


A corporation is a more sophisticated form of business organization compared to a sole proprietorship or partnership but may offer substantial advantages to business owners. Of the various forms of business organizations, the business corporation is the most sophisticated and common form of business ownership for most Canadian business owners. Anna Gurevich Law Office can guide you every step of the way and help you to avoid the disturbance of representing yourself and limit complications that might slow your business down.

Buying or selling a business

Anna Gurevich Law Office acts for buyers and sellers of new and existing businesses. Let our law office advise you of your legal risks and safeguards in connection with the purchase or sale of your business. From conducting the requisite due diligence in connection with a business purchase to the drafting of asset/share purchase agreements, Anna Gurevich Law Office handles all aspects of buying or selling a business.

Selling shares in your business, winding up a business or selling an interest in a business in connection with a matrimonial settlement or partnership dispute? Our office can help you to handle any of these situations. Please, contact us to assess your options.


Let Anna Gurevich Law Office advise you of the legal aspects of a business reorganization and the personal financial and liability implications it may have on you. Contact our law office for a consultation regarding your business reorganization.

Corporate intro package and forms

Please download Corporate intro package and forms, fill it in and send it back to us via email or fax.