My name is Anna Gurevich, and I’m a lawyer.

I started my legal career in 1995 and I practiced corporate law there for more than 14 years. I was sure that my father had chosen the profession for me as he needed a lawyer for his business and insisted that I get a legal education. Being communicative, detailed, and goal-oriented as well as hard-working, I succeeded in my line of work but never thought that the legal profession was my choice until I moved to Canada.

Like many lawyers, I was busy and overwhelmed with work and had very little spare time. I hadn’t even verified if Canada had a different legal system or not.  So, it was a rude awaking, and I had to start from scratch to be a lawyer here.

At the time, I didn’t believe that law was my real life’s purpose, so I tried my hand at my other education – that of being a coach. I started to teach skating. It soon became apparent, though, that it wasn’t the right decision for me as I didn’t enjoy it, and I found myself really missing law and missing it a lot.

Possessing art skills as well, I worked for a while as an instructor of art for seniors, which was an exciting experience, but also not my true passion. Finally, one day, I dropped everything.

I realized that I needed MY profession back and that I would not be able to be anyone other than a lawyer. I missed it. I enjoyed it and realized that I had a great father who had seen potential in me that I hadn’t yet seen myself.

You will probably be wondering: “How is it possible to miss long work hours, constant challenges, and extreme time pressures?” I missed it all as it always comes along with the fantastic feeling of completeness and satisfaction in helping people with their legal needs and helping them grow their businesses and improve their lives.

The road back was long, hard, and full of challenges  ̶  small, medium, and colossal  ̶  but I’m convinced of my choice now because it’s my life, my passion, and what I love. I supplemented the experience that I had gained being a lawyer and an entrepreneur in Europe with the education and experience acquired practicing law in Ontario, Canada, and built a stable law practice from there.

I have in Oakville, Ontario. My services are in the areas of real estate, business, and estate law. I hear, listen, and explain and help people understand the law and the legal consequences of their actions.

I welcome you to my website and proudly introduce myself: I’m Anna Gurevich, a LAWYER.