Do you plan ahead?

✦ I almost died yesterday. I went for a walk. Nice warm weather, a little bit of wind, but still quiet and peaceful, a perfect day.

✦ All of sudden, I see a squirrel running across the street from a dog and a lady running after the dog screaming “Lucky stop, please, stop!” At the very same moment I see a car approaching quite quickly and none of them, neither squirrel, nor the dog, nor the lady see this car as there is a turn in the road and I stood at the point where I see everything.

✦ I am always amused at how quickly things may change, a peaceful scene, no people, no cars and a second later you see a squirrel, a dog, a lady and a car are approaching each other at an incredible speed.????

✦ I have a strong voice, but I didn’t know if I could scream louder than the noise of the city and sound of the wind. It was the scream of the panic and horror that alerted all three of them, and they stopped, turning their heads toward the approaching car as it slowed as well. Nothing horrible happened, but I almost died while I was screaming, I was so scared.

✦ The lady came up and thanked me for saving her and her dog with my scream. We started talking and I found out she has two daughters and three grandkids that she loves very much, and she is a retired nurse with a very engaging and fulfilling career behind her.

✦ I told her about my job and how I help people make wills, among other things, to which she responded that during moments like these she regrets that she had not made her will yet. In return, I suggested that I could help her with drafting a will.

✦ Obviously, this is not the way I want to make clients, but it brings up a very interesting topic that many people think of only in dangerous situations or after they survived something; “what if something bad were to actually happen to me in a moment like this?”

✦ You don’t need to wait for a bad situation to make your will. At Anna Gurevich Law Office we hear, listen, explain and draft estate documents reflecting the wishes of our clients and in accordance with the law. Contact our office at 289-848-0096 to start the conversation about YOUR WILL.????