Fast sale proceeds deposit

✧ Important thing to know if you sell your property:

✧ Sometimes people sell their residential property without the intention to buy a new one. ✧ When it happens, the sale proceeds are deposited to the sellers’ account after the deal is closed. It might be done by a lawyer who closed the deal or by the sellers.

✧ Please, remember that banks routinely put deposited cheques on hold, which means sellers cannot use their funds right away. They need to wait until their bank releases the hold. It may take from 3 to 7 days. ????

✧ If you are selling and planning to use your funds right after your money deposited to your account, consult your bank first and ask about your options prior to making any further arrangements. Some options might allow faster access to the funds than others. For example, if your lawyer offers wire transfers as an option, they might be more acceptable for you over another option. ✧ Our office provides various options to transfer sale proceeds to our clients such us certified cheques; direct deposits or wire transfers. If access to the funds is an important aspect of your sale transaction, call us at 289-848-0096 or book a call time and we definitely will be able to help out.????