Federal v. Provincial Incorporation

✧ You have decided to incorporate your business. What is the next step? For most, it probably is to choose between Federal and (Provincial) Ontario incorporation.

✧ The best advantage of Federal incorporation is the name protection.  Once your business is federally incorporated, it may use the company’s name in any province it plans to carry on business in. So if you are planning to do business in more than one Canadian province or internationally, it makes sense to incorporate federally. However, the extra-provincial registration is always required for a Federal corporation in order to carry on business and to register an office at any Canadian province.


✧ In case you are planning to carry on business in Ontario only, the provincial registration might be appropriate. An Ontario corporation can change its status to a Federal corporation later, however, it’s not guaranteed that the same corporate name will be preserved.

✧ It’s important to choose the most appropriate structure for your business before you register it. Book the consultation with Anna at https://bit.ly/busnlaw