How does a Will take care of my minor child?

I met with a retired couple, and we were updating their Wills. They’d executed their first Wills when they were both 26 years old, and they told me why they decided to make their Wills in such young age; their neighbours had a child who was the same age as their child (5 years at the time). The parents, like most neighbouring families, often left the children to play at each other’s houses, or in their front lawns. On a Sunday, their neighbours left their boy in the couple’s house for a play-date and never came to retrieve the child back. They both died in a car accident on that Sunday. They did not leave their Wills. They did not have close relatives in the province, and their other friends decided to become the guardians to the child. It took approximately two years to go through the process of the appointment. Before all the papers were approved, the child had to live in foster homes.
Should this couple had executed a Will, would it have of been helpful? I think yes. If a Will is drafted appropriately, the child could stay with the appointed guardian from the beginning, making the situation at least a little bit less stressful for the child.

Your Will may make a difference in your children’s future. It’s never too early to make a Will