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Business owners often try to wear many hats: that of a supplier, a manager, an accountant, and a lawyer. I cannot say much about other areas of business, but the earlier you decide to consult with a lawyer as your business grows, the happier a business owner you will be. I’m serious.

Ideally, do not incorporate yourself and do not use your accountant to do so. It’s wrong. I have seen very few correctly set up corporations that were done by accountants, and I have never seen corporations that were correctly set up by business owners.

Our office helps to incorporate businesses properly from the beginning, which prevents business owners from having to incur substantive expenses to catch up to legal requirements years after the incorporation took place. Call us today.

Shareholders’ Agreement

Are you incorporated? Do you have business partners? You need a Shareholders Agreement. On so many occasions, I witness how these documents save business owners from lengthy and expensive court disputes.

There is not one single template of this agreement that can fit any business. It’s always an individually drafted document that covers many aspects of shareholders’ relations and business governance. The agreement provides guidance to follow in difficult situations that shareholders may face and prevents the business from undergoing turbulence, which can be caused by certain life circumstances. These situations may include insolvency, disability, death, the exit of one of the shareholders, and any other condition that shareholders may wish to include in the agreement.

Call us today, and our office can help you with the drafting.

Commercial Lease

Very often, the next step after incorporation is to find a commercial property to lease. A commercial lease agreement is a complex document that differs entirely from a residential rental agreement. If you have experienced the renting of a residential property, please do not assume that you know everything there is to know about a commercial lease. That would be a big mistake. Different types of legislation govern those two documents.

Our office helps with drafting, reviewing, and negotiating lease agreements. It is well worth checking before it gets signed. If you come to see me after the agreement is signed, it’s then too late to negotiate for better terms and conditions.

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Purchase of a Business

It’s always time to move forward with your business and either expand it by purchasing another one or amalgamating with another company.

If you are planning to purchase a business and have started negotiations, you might already be thinking about drafting a letter of intent to the seller, describing the terms and conditions of your offer to purchase. Many people believe that this document is just a preliminary document and does not play an essential role in the process of negotiations, so they draft it carelessly. It’s imperative to carefully choose the wording of the letter of intent to avoid complications in the purchase process later on.  Please call us, and we will help in the drafting and successful completion of the purchase transaction.

One of the frequent reasons for amalgamation is tax purposes. I represent my clients in mergers of federal and provincial corporations. I will be happy to represent your business in a similar transaction. Please call us.

Sale/Reorganization of a Business

There are many situations in which business owners wish to sell their business and move on with life. I often represent family business owners who either want to relocate and need to sell a local business or retire.

If this is your current business life situation, call us. I can help you with legal consultations. I work with excellent tax and employment lawyers. Together, we can cover any aspects of the business issues and help to choose the most beneficial strategy for the seller.

Agreements/Supporting Documentation

Numerous documents can be necessary for businesses, such as non-disclosure agreements, service agreements, promissory notes, releases, waivers, resolutions, and so on. We work with construction, production businesses, child care services, art studios, auto repair shops, private schools, online learning centres, online games, retail stores, and other businesses.

Our office helps draft a wide variety of business documents. Call us for details.

Corporate intro package and forms

Please download the Corporate intro package and forms, fill them in and send it back to us via email or fax.