Real Estate Lawyer in Oakville, ON

Residential Real Estate

Wow, it’s happened, you just signed the Agreement of Purchase and Sale of your new home. My congratulations on your purchase!

But what’s next? If you are reading this text, you are in the right place. Our office helps with residential real estate closings and not only purchases but also sales and refinancing.

You may click HERE to view our fees or fill out the appropriate intake form which you will find at the bottom of this page and send the completed intake form to to start the closing process.
You may contact our office at 289-848-0096 any time during work hours, and we will answer your questions related to the purchase, sale, or refinancing of residential real estate.

We can assist clients with any of the following:

Preparing and advising on co-ownership agreements:

On occasion, two people or more purchase a property as tenants in common. These people have to establish a regime of ownership of the property. The co-ownership agreement serves this purpose. It allows property owners to agree to who pays the mortgage, the utility bills, the insurance, the maintenance fees, if any, who pays for renovations, what to do if one owner wants to sell, if an owner becomes incapable or passes away.

We can assist in purchasing the property and drafting a co-ownership agreement. If you have already purchased the property but still do not have the agreement in place, please call us. We will help.

Family transfer of property:

People get divorced, people get married, parents get older, and in many such instances, people want to change the ownership of the property they own.

As it’s easy to understand, family transfers of property take place among close family members. They can wish to either add or exclude a family member from the property title. We can assist you with such family transfers. Please call us at 289-848-0096.

Transferring the property based on Survivorship Applications:

This transfer is required when (usually) a family member who shared the ownership of a property as a joint tenant passes away. People often think that if one of the spouses passes away, the surviving spouse inherits the ownership of the property. That’s correct if they owned the property as joint tenants. But a Survivorship Application shall be registered against the property for the surviving spouse to become the full owner of the property. The ownership change does not happen automatically.

Call us. We will be happy to assist you in registering a Survivorship Application.

Commercial Real Estate

Are you a business owner who is planning to purchase a commercial property? We can help with drafting an agreement and the closing of the commercial transaction. Purchase and Sale Agreements for commercial property require careful consideration and preliminary searches to know which clauses shall be included in the agreement to protect parties. Also, commercial property due diligence searches takes more time than residential ones. Contact our office as soon as you decide to purchase/sell commercial real estate.

Real Estate Forms to fill in

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